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Chris King Wong: I’ve been looking for this girl


I’ve been looking for this girl

She’s crossed my path twice this quarter

But I see her in my mind so much it borders on obsessive

You see

She sat down in the front of class

I can’t remember what the subject was

But for all I know it was yoga

Because I spent the entire time learning one position

Head over heels

And I can’t tell you her name or her birthday or her favorite song

But I can tell you

That if I was to find her

I’d walk right up to her

And say, “Stop,

Before you say anything

Just know

That I forgot how to dream the day you looked at me

That somewhere along the line the seams seemed to fade

And now I can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t so I guess

I feel as reckless and invincible now as I am when I’m asleep

So I’ll just leap right in and say that

I’ve never been one to take chances

I’m scared of grenades, knives, and guns

But it seems worth the risk

To be with a bombshell like you.”

And I’m so captivated

By this girl who’s every step sways her hair

Like ocean waves lapping against the shoreline of her neck

And I can’t really explain why I’m so drawn to her

But it might be because

She wears beauty like her favorite shirt

Uses sunshine as toothpaste twice a day

Loves like she can’t be hurt

And runs the red lights anyway

Because if she took the time to stop for every guy that wanted her to slow down

She’d still be backing out of her driveway

And they say that love is abstract

But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in every step that you take

I see it in the way you talk, laugh, and smile

And maybe I’m just crazy

For girls as sexy as their style

But I don’t want to just fall in love with you

I want to jump out of a plane ten thousand feet in the air and skydive into it

Without a parachute

Wearing nothing but my heart on my sleeve

And I don’t want to just kiss you

I want our lips to play each other like they’re our favorite instruments

So that every time they touch

Our bodies will play songs

They’ve been waiting to sing

Since the moment we first laid eyes on each other

And Darling

I can’t help but wonder what you would say

To the thought of the two of us

Dancing to the rhythm of my heart

Beating faster

And faster

With every moment spent

With you

So tell me

Why I so desperately need to see her face

That today

I took a nap

Just so I could be with her in my dreams

I just want to hold her hand

I just want her to understand

That my mind teems with thoughts of us together

So much so that they press against the seams

And if I had to get a tattoo

It would be the word “Occupied” on my forehead

Because you have flooded the rooms of my mind with your sweet nothings

And nothing can fight this feeling

Because nothing seems to be quite as pleasing

As the thought of the two of us

Standing side by side

Staring at the stars

Wondering why they don’t shine as brightly as us

Trust, that this is what you’ve been waiting for

Because I just want to be your everything

And more

          -chris king wong

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